Lancaster Table & Seating Waste 35 Gallon Black Receptacle Enclosure with "THANK YOU" Swing Door

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Add increased functionality and decoration to your restaurant trash receptacle with this Lancaster Table & Seating waste 35 gallon black receptacle enclosure with "THANK YOU" swing door! This enclosure is designed to fit 35 gallon square trash cans with a dolly. The attractive wood body obscures trash from sight and helps restrict odors. It features a sleek black laminate finish that will complement any restaurant decor with white "THANK YOU" script, letting your guests know that you appreciate their business and their attention to cleanliness.

This trash can enclosure has swing top door where guests can easily discard trash, as well as a tray shelf for placing used trays, reducing the chance of them being accidentally thrown out. The swinging door means that your trash is entirely concealed at all times allowing guests to easily dispose of waste. For easy trash removal, the enclosure has a large door that swings open so you can remove the trash can at the end of the night. It ships unassembled to give you the best shipping rate possible, and it's very easy to put together once it arrives. Promote a sanitary environment in your dining room by offering this receptacle enclosure for the convenience of your guests and staff.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 23 3/8"
Width: 23 3/4"
Height: 44"

  • Model Number:
  • 349TRASHB35T
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