Lancaster Table & Seating Spartan Series 1" x 1" Wood Grain Chair and Barstool Front Leg Glide

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Protect your floors with this Lancaster Table & Seating Spartan Series 1" x 1" black plastic chair and barstool glide. This glide easily fits in one of the front tubular legs of a compatible chair or barstool to make moving your furniture effortless, while reducing wear-and-tear on your floors. Keep extra chair and barstools glides on hand for quick replacement when the need arises.

This glide covers the blunt end of one of your Lancaster Table & Seating Spartan Series chair or barstool's front legs to help protect surrounding surfaces and ensure that your guests and employees don't have to worry about scuffs while working or relaxing in your establishment. Should the glide get soiled during a shift, it's easy to clean, too, with a smooth surface that enables messes to be wiped off with ease when compared to similar textured glides.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 1"
Width: 1"

  • Model Number:
  • 964WGGLIDE01

Weight: 0.125 lbs

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